For Learning Disabilities

NOW! Programs drastically improve essential academic skills — reading, spelling, writing, comprehension/memory, reasoning and problem-solving

About NOW! Programs

The Neuro-development of Words - NOW!® Company provides research-based programs that prevent or treat learning difficulties and enrich language skills

eTutoring Online

NOW! eTutoring allows students and families to get the support and services they need at their convenience and still allow students to participate in their social activities and other obligations

Dr. Tim Conway at TEDxOcala

Watch this short but powerful talk by Dr. Conway Titled “How to Mix Oil and Water so Nearly Everyone Learns to Read.” This talk explains some of the science behind the programs used by the NOW! Company for online eTutoring and by The Morris Center’s transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

The Four Different & Effective NOW! Programs:

#1 NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling®

Phonological Awareness

For Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling, develops phonological awareness – the ability to recognize that words consist of a sequence of individual sounds.

#2 NOW! Mental Imagery for Language, Comprehension, Memory and Reasoning®


Create movies in your "mind's eye" as you read or listen — making comprehension so much stronger and more meaningful.

#3 NOW! Grammar and Writing®

Systematic Exploration of Grammar

Developed to fill the gap between reading sentences and interpreting their meaning.

#4 NOW! Math Concept Imagery®

Visualized Math Concepts

Focusing on the ability to image and verbalize the concepts underlying math processes.



In just a few months, he went up two grade levels in his reading, and now he’s on the A-B Honor Roll.

Mother of former NOW! eTutoring Client

Reading used to be frustrating and laborious. Then he began to see that reading could be enjoyable.

Mother of former NOW! eTutoring Client

No more stomachaches! And I was blown away when she told me she really enjoys reading time in class.

NOW! trainee after teaching her daughter NOW! Foundations™

Thank you all for making a difference in their life each and every day. A difference that will last a lifetime.

Kindergarten teacher, 25 years experience

He has been more excited to read this year than any other year. This morning when we were driving to school he pulled out his book and started reading. He even reached over and turned the radio off!! This seems so simple but this is such a BIG milestone!

Mother of boy who went through NOW! programs.

I can't express enough what a difference it has made in his life and our family. Every child should have this opportunity, if not all at least a part of NOW!” –

Mother of boy who went through NOW! programs.

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  • Improves reading
  • Improves auditory working memory
  • Improves phonetic spelling
  • For ages 7+ years
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves comprehension and reasoning
  • Improves spoken language
  • Improves memory
  • For all ages
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves writing of sentences
  • Improves writing paragraphs and essays
  • Improves speaking
  • For ages 8+ years
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves mental math and operations
  • Improves concepts
  • Improves applied thinking
  • For ages 8+ years
As low as $40 per session

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