Watch the testimonials below to see the powerful results achieved by The Morris Center through the use of NOW! Programs.

Testimonial from a 4th Grader and his mom who did the NOW! Foundations™ program via eTutoring. Diagnosed with dyslexia, he went from struggling to read and comprehend to making A's and B's in his classes, and now enjoys going to school to show off his "new skills."

Testimonial of the family of a high school girl who struggled to read, write, and express herself and is now reading and writing at above her grade level and engaging in public speaking. She went through the NOW! Foundations™ program and the NOW! Mental Imagery™ program via eTutoring.

The son of this ESE reading teacher could not understand why he was struggling to read, so she signe him up for eTutoring in NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading, and Spelling® In just a few months, he jumped two grade levels in his reading and is now on the A/B Honor Roll!

Testimonial from a father of an elementary school child. Another example of a skeptic turned into a believer after the powerful effects of NOW! Programs. His son complete NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling.

Testimonial from a family of a middle school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Ocala, FL. After completing NOW! Foundations, NOW! Mental Imagery, NOW! Grammar and Writing, and NOW! Math Concept Imagery, his academic struggles are now behind him.

Testimonial from a family of a middle school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Gainesville, FL.

Testimonial from a family of an elementary school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Ocala, FL

Dr. Tim Conway briefly discusses the neuropsychology of dyslexia, the unique, state-of-the-art transdisciplinary approach taken by the Morris Center’s Team of licensed professionals and how research studies by The Morris Center and its clinical data show that weaker skills (poor phonological processing, reading, spelling, writing and speech) can be improved for children and adults with dyslexia.

Before and After

A twelve-year old girl with dyslexia struggling to read.

Same girl as above, one year after going through NOW! Foundations.

A nine-year old boy with dyslexia struggles to read. After nine weeks of NOW! Foundations, you can see the difference in his ability and confidence. (Enable closed captions to see how his rate and accuracy have improved)

Messages from happy families

avatar_27"Cam told me "He used to hate reading" and when I asked why he told me "because it used to be hard." I almost cried. He had even began trying to read signs aloud as we drove! These small things, more than anything, solidified that something had changed! I attribute these changes in Cam to the NOW program, as it was the only piece of his educational instruction that had changed. The NOW program helped our son become a better and more confident reader.""

Read Cam's full story here!

"Hi Donna,
I would love to share what [our daughter] told her eTutor, Stephen! First let me say what an encouragement "Mr. Stephen" has been for [our daughter]. He has guided her through the uncertain and scary waters of reading and comprehension with an amazing balance of serious learning and fun through laughter.

A few weeks ago [our daughter] competed in two mock trials with her home-school class. It was a murder case in front of actual Judges and attorneys at the civil court house here in [our city]. She had to review the case and know it forward and backward. We spent a lot of time discussing the case and I could see that she was closing her eyes picturing what was happening in the witness statements...she was making a movie in her head! She played the role of one of the prosecuting attorneys, as well as the role of a psychologist for the defense. Not only did she hit it out of the park, one of the judges pointed to her and told her that her opening statement and cross examination of a hostile witness was better than some of his law students!!!

Yesterday, [our daughter] told Stephen that for the first time she didn't feel totally stressed out about taking the standardized tests! She was able to scan the questions and paragraphs and understand what each testing section was about. She understood the main idea before she started! This may seem insignificant to most, but let me tell you, from a mom's perspective of a child that has struggled for years with not understanding what she is is INCREDIBLE!!!

I cried as I listened to her tell Stephen and I'm crying now as I type this to you. Instead of viewing school work and testing with fear and that scary thing looming in the future, it has now become something that [our daughter] knows she can accomplish! What's even more surprising is that as she approaches high school in the fall, we have even started talking about possible degrees and colleges she would like to look into! Thank you all so much for the investment you have made in a program that gives our child the ability to not only learn, but a growth in confidence of her abilities!

Sincerely, [mom]" (May 2015)

" When I first heard Dr.Conway speak at an early childhood conference where I was also speaking , his words were music to my ears. I have spent 15 years in youth prevention work. When he said the #3 killer of teenagers is suicide and 89% of teen suicide notes have spelling errors consistent with dyslexia, I knew I needed his help with my kids. that's not the thing a normal mom of a 5-year-old thinks about. But my youngest is not like my oldest child. I knew something wasn't right. I didn't know what the problem was and I didn't know how to fix it until the first conversation with Dr. Conway of NOW! programs. Then I knew he knew the problem, and more importantly exactly how to permanently fix it. Our son is now reading on grade level for the first time. He's also feeling "as good as the other kids" and being teased less , if at all. This program didn't just give my kid the ability , it quite possibly saved his life. !

Sincerely, [Nancy Lucas]" (Oct 2017)