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Science-Backed Online Reading Tutoring Programs

NOW! Programs® have three very important components that all parents should consider as mandatory for any reading or Dyslexia intervention, remediation or prevention program:

  • Does the Dyslexia program have scientific, peer-reviewed proof of effectiveness? 
  • Does the company or tutor have explicit safeguards in place to assure high fidelity of delivery of the Dyslexia remediation program, i.e. are all the steps properly followed? 
  • Is the Dyslexia program delivered with the intensity and frequency that leads to best learning and lowest cost for families?

Our dyslexia programs for adults, youth, and children meet this highest standard of scientific proof of effectiveness, also called being “evidence-based.” Evidence-based from the medical field (and Dyslexia is caused by neurobiological, genetic medical factors) means explicit scientific research has been conducted that compared the outcomes of a specific program to the outcomes of another or several other programs. The NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling® program has been shown to make larger and more areas of improvement than the phonics, OG based or other print to speech training programs. These findings were confirmed by independently vetted, peer-reviewed scientific research studies. This is the same caliber of research that guides pediatricians’ choices between antibiotics, i.e. Penicillin has been proven to be the best choice for treating Strep Throat. Similarly, the NOW! Programs® have been scientifically proven to be the most effective program for empowering children, teens and adults with Dyslexia.

While NOW! Programs® for dyslexia are both evidence-based and peer-reviewed and our results have been cited and confirmed by independent experts in the field. Dr Conway’s research continues to be cited and reviewed each month, and to date his and his professional colleagues empowerment of reading skills from the 5th to the 45th percentile in a few months remains one of the most powerful and empowering outcomes reported in the past 30 years. In that same study, over 40% of the students improved their reading so well, that they ended their placements in Special Education classes, as they read so well they no longer needed the accommodations, strategies or accommodations to work around their Dyslexia. How often can a Dyslexia program provide scientific evidence that it helped children no longer need Special Ed class, no longer needed IEP’s and were able to return to their regular education classroom? We understand, this sounds too good to be true. Yes, most families have seen their child, teen or college student struggle for many many years, and never stop needing accommodations, support, assistive technology devices or other help. NOW! Programs® were built by brain scientists and aim for and have scientifically proven to help students achieve far better outcomes than parents typically get from untested, unprovend and random “let’s try this now” approaches to improving the most common cause of Dyslexia and empowering students’ skills from the “foundation” up to their full potential.

Many parents and educators ask “do you have any new research on the NOW! Programs®? Parents asking Dyslexia programs for their peer-reviewed, professionally published research is an excellent step to make sure their child, teen, college student or adult makes the most progress possible. Interestingly, and unlike new cars or new commercial products, in the world of medical science, including dyslexia science, newer research is not more important than older research, if the older research shows the best improvements in skills and abilities. For example, how old is the research behind the development of the commonly used antibiotic Penicillin? Since around the 1940’s, Penicillin has been the #1 treatment for strep throat, not because there has not been newer research building newer antibiotics. In fact, there have been several new antibiotics developed. However, in studies that compared Penicillin to the newer antibiotics, Penicillin was still the most effective treatment for strep throat and has been for over 80 years. Thus, the only time to change from Penicillin to a new antibiotic will be when the new antibiotic has been proven to be more effective. To date, there are no peer-reviewed studies showing a new Dyslexia program is more effective or even matches the amount of improvement, in the amount of time and for the same large number of skills that the NOW! Programs® have been shown to empower.

Our Methodology for Dyslexia Classes Online is Convenient

NOW! Programs® allow students and families to get the support and services they need at their convenience. Our highly trained tutors are actually part of a team of highly trained instructors, lesson plan review experts and quality control mentors. Together these instructors, lesson plan experts and quality control mentors collaborate to make sure NOW! Programs® provides the best possible outcomes from one-on-one or in small groups online reading tutoring programs to your child, teenager or college student according to their schedules. Our reading comprehension program is available on your schedule – in the morning before school, as part of the student’s language arts curriculum in the afternoons, after school and even in the evening for students with busy extracurricular schedules. The convenience of NOW! Programs® online instruction avoids scheduling conflicts with students’ other activities and saves travel time to a tutor or tutoring center.

Which Dyslexia Program is Right for Your Needs?

The majority of students can benefit from participation in our online reading tutoring, whether as an early intervention at age 5 or 6 (when you have a long family history of Dyslexia), an enrichment (someone reads “ok”, but believes they should be able to ready better or more quickly) or as a remediation program (when a student of any age is 1, 4, 6 even 10 grades behind in his or her reading skills). Whether a person struggles to read and spell accurately, has difficulty remembering what they have just read, mispronounces or mixes up lots of words or has difficulty expressing what they want to say, our online dyslexia programs can help.

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NOW! Foundations®

For ages 6+ years

  • Improves reading
  • Improves auditory working memory
  • Improves phonetic spelling 
  • Improves reading fluency
  • Improves reading comprehension

As low as $30 per session, per student

NOW! Mental Imagery®

For ages 7+ years

  • Improves listening comprehension and memory
  • Improves reading comprehension and memory 
  • Improves spoken language skills
  • Provides a solid foundation for developing better writing skills
  • Supports growth and development of executive functions

As low as $30 per session, per student

NOW! Grammar and Writing®

For ages 8+ years

  • Improves writing of sentences
  • Strengthens writing answers on tests in class
  • Improves writing paragraph and book report writing skills 
  • Fully develops the ability to write different types of essays for high school and college
  • Improves speaking

As low as $30 per session, per student

NOW! Math Concept Imagery®

For ages 8+ years

  • Empowers students’ mental math and operations
  • Improves concepts and an overall conceptual understanding of numbers and operations
  • Strengthens the ability to complete math word problems
  • Improves applied math skills

As low as $30 per session, per student

All students can benefit from participation in NOW! Programs®, whether as enrichment or remediation. Whether your child struggles with reading and spelling accurately, has difficulty recalling what they have just read, has incorrect speech patterns or has difficulty expressing what they want to say, NOW! has a program designed to suit their needs.

Call 904-834-2482 for a free screening to see which program is best for you or your student.