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When it comes to overcoming learning disabilities or difficulties, accommodations are not your only option. Our clinically-tested online reading program for dyslexia really works to build and strengthen your child’s basic, essential skills as well as the more complex skills needed to be successful in school, work, and in life. These improvements in reading, writing, math, reasoning, comprehension, memory, and problem solving skills CAN empower you or your child to reach their full potential! 

Effective for all ages, our programs address learning differences and enrich language skills, often achieving a dramatic improvement in reading level in just a few months. Our evidence-based reading program for dyslexia unlocks educational potential and ensures a future where learning is not a hurdle but a stepping stone to achievement.

Our learning difference programs build and improve skills in these areas:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Retention
  • Working memory
  • Verbal skills

What Is the Science
Behind NOW! Programs®?

Learning Differences Programs

  • NOW! learning difference programs  look at the science of how learning takes place in the brain and are built on neuro-developmental research models of how academic and language skills develop in children and adults without learning issues. 
  • NOW! methods establish foundational skills that produce rapid, tangible results that last. Our evidence-based reading interventions produce substantial improvement in months, not years.
  • Unlike other programs designed to accommodate learning issues or improve some reading skills (without improving spelling, reading fluency or  comprehension), NOW! Programs® have been proven effective in randomized controlled, peer-reviewed trials backed by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICDH). View the research.

The Science of Reading that tested and proved NOW! Programs® are highly effective with short-term and sustained long-term gains.

NOW! Programs®

for Learning Difference Remediation

Our evidence-based reading comprehension interventions use the science behind neuroplasticity to help build essential phonological, reading, and spelling skills that are needed for success in all academic subjects, and in virtually all parts of life. Each of the four segments of our learning differences program focus on different facets of neurodevelopment, addressing key areas for improvement.

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NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling®

Evidence-Based Reading Program for Dyslexia

  • Rapid improvement in reading level in just months
  • Better listening skills and auditory comprehension
  • Improved speaking and self-expression
  • Better spelling and writing
  • Improved self-esteem

NOW! Grammar and Writing®

Research-Based Comprehension Intervention Program

  • Ability to identify parts of speech; discern how words work to convey meaning
  • Improved written and oral expression
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Improved critical thinking skills

NOW! Math Concept Imagery®

Math Concept Comprehension Program

  • Improved grasp of foundational math concepts (what to do and why)
  • Improved mental math operations
  • Ability to accurately interpret, express, and reason through problems

NOW! Mental Imagery for Language, Comprehension, Memory and Reasoning®

Research-Based Intervention for Reading Comprehension

  • Improved reading and listening comprehension
  • Better information retention and conceptualization
  • Improved ability to organize, sequence & summarize information
  • Better test performance
  • Improved vocabulary and spoken language

Why NOW! Learning Difference Programs?

Untreated learning differences can result in frustration, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor school performance, and problem behavior which can begin in childhood and continue throughout adult life. Our learning difference programs are uniquely designed to improve the most likely causes of learning disabilities: weaknesses in specific skills. Improving foundational skills, like phonological processing, working memory, mental imagery, number sequencing, verbal memory, and more, can bring significant, rapid improvements in reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, memory, math, and problem solving. 

After years of scientific research, clinical trials, and peer reviews, we have developed a multi-faceted reading program for dyslexia, as well as research-based interventions for reading comprehension, grammar and writing, and mathematics. Complete one, two, three, or all four phases of the program.

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Who Needs NOW! Programs®?

Anyone, of any age can benefit from NOW! Programs®.  Our certified tutors for learning disabilities work with students from age 5 to age 75.

We commonly work with kids and adults with these concerns:

  • Slow and/or inaccurate reading
  • Difficulty finding the right word when speaking
  • Incorrect pronunciation of words
  • Trouble using correct verb tenses
  • Difficulty telling a story in sequential order
  • Poor writing and spelling
  • Trouble following directions, particularly those with multiple steps
  • Poor school performance
  • Low self-esteem

After completing our reading intervention program, students of all ages have better foundational skills. School-aged kids get better grades, do better on tests, enjoy improved self-esteem, and experience less anxiety. Adults gain better communication skills, enjoy greater confidence, and experience a better quality of life.

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