Computer requirements

  • A desktop computer or laptop with minimum 4GB of RAM
  • Internet Explorer 7.0+/Firefox 3.0+/Google Chrome
  • Access to GMail and the installation of Google Hangouts software (will require Google Plus account upon activation)
  • USB Webcam or built-in camera software on computer or mobile device
  • The latest Flash Plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Version Java 1.6.x of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) (minimum version)
  • All Pop-up Blockers temporarily disabled or turned off
  • High-speed internet, minimum 8MB up and 1MB down

Please Note: Lower bandwidth speeds can cause technical difficulties and impede progress through the programs.

How do I get started?

Sign up with us — it's free to start. The NOW! company will provide a free phone consult to ensure that NOW! can provide the best fit for your needs. Let us know about yourself or your child. We will begin to assemble a plan that suits the needs and challenges of your student. Then select a package and schedule and begin.

What will I need to start?

A desktop computer or laptop with a webcam is required. A reliable internet connection is also required. NOTE: Mobile devices like iPads, tablets and cellphones WILL NOT WORK with our services.

Can I sit in on my child's session and observe?

Not only is it perfectly acceptable to observe NOW! sessions, but it is also encouraged. Having a parent or guardian present in session may help with stamina and motivation concerns, especially for younger students. Improved attention and focus by the student will translate to a faster, more efficient tutoring session.

Taking an active role in your child's education is very important — if you are watching or even taking part in the sessions, it will help you to provide support and reinforcement of the lessons.

Can we test the functionality of our computer and setup?

Certainly, schedule an appointment with NOW! programs to see if you have the prerequisites for eTutoring.

What are some things that will help provide an uninterrupted session?

Make sure any updates that need to be run have been done (Windows, Browser, Add-ons, etc) A hardline internet connection is much more reliable than wifi. A hardline is preferred. Multiple devices connected to the same network can cause decreased speeds if all are using bandwidth at the same time - please try to restrict data-heavy usage when NOW! lessons are in session.