How is NOW! different from other similar products?

NOW! programs make use of scientific principles developed at professional clinical and educational organizations for over 27 years with regard to the neurodevelopment of speech, language, reading and spelling skills. Dr. Conway and colleagues have conducted extensive research designed to analyze and augment methodology and implementation of practices developed in each program. Very few tutoring programs have research-based models, and even fewer have results that are repeatedly proven like the NOW! Company does.

What are payment options?

Typical payments are made by credit or debit card. We can keep the card on file and automatically refill your balance each month until tutoring sessions have been completed.

You can also pay by check or money order, but the NOW! company will have to receive your check before your tutoring lesson.  Tutoring will not begin until NOW! company has received and processed your payment. Please call 352-332-2629 to get more information.

When are tutors available?

Students are seen from 8 am to 5 pm EST, with sessions beginning on the hour and lasting 45-50 minutes. Special accommodations can be made with advanced notice. Our scheduling tool will show your available appointments. In the event that your preferred time is not available, please contact us. Email or call us - 352-275-5778.

How much does it cost?

1-on-1 tutoring is $75 per session. Groups of 2-3 are $50 per session. Please call to confirm larger groups.

What happens if we need to cancel a scheduled session?

Classes also have a 1-week cancellation policy.  If you cannot attend a class that you are signed up for, you can cancel with 1 week at no charge.

If we accidentally miss a scheduled session, will we be charged?

Any missed classes or cancelled classes with less than 1 week’s notice will still be redeemed from your package and charged at the full rate.

What is the minimum length of a tutoring session?

Sessions run for a minimum of 50 minutes.

What is the maximum length of a session?

Multiple sessions can be run together. Sessions can be run back-to-back, but 10 minute breaks in between each are built in. NOW! recommends no more than 4 consecutive hours per day. Beyond that, meal breaks for tutors and students will be required.

How does the NOW! company compare to alternative programs?

The NOW! company will continue to research and develop the most effective, research-based approaches to preventing and overcoming language-based learning difficulties. We pride ourselves on the fact that our methods are guided by hard science and peer-reviewed research. NOW! Company will continue to ensure that its programs are proven effective and consistent with the most recent research.

What are the objections that families might have, and how can we overcome them?

The issue of cost comes up. But the cost should be considered an investment in the future of you or your child. An improved functional skill set and ability to learn can lead to a richer quality of life (socially and financially) now and later on. Financially, the investment now can repay itself exponentially later on in life.

On average, high-school graduates will earn $250,000 more over their lifetime than a high-school dropout, and a college graduate will earn $1,000,000 more over the same timeframe. With high school dropout rates getting lower each year, the income and potential gap becomes larger for those without a diploma. An investment now in the future success of your or your child will repay tenfold.

NOW! programs are not within my price point. Are there any other options?

It is understandable if you are not in a position financially to commit to the NOW! company model. However, you can bring NOW! programs to your school. "Go to the training page to learn more.

Are demos available so we can see what to expect?

We don't have any demos since this is done live on line, but please check out our YouTube channel: NOW! Youtube. We use Google Hangouts, provide a live tutor and also a work-space with manipulatives for each activity. We also care about the privacy of our students, so typically sessions remain private.

Will the tutor work with the student on transferring/applying these skills to actual classroom assignments?

Yes, after the student has met their goals, we will ask that they provide reading and spelling from school so that the tutor can generalize the skills to school work by using the newly acquired skillset and tools.

Can both Foundations and Mental Imagery (or other programs) be done at the same time?

Yes, but we encourage beginning with NOW! Foundations (NF) and then starting NOW! Mental Imagery (NMI). Research has shown that a strong foundation of phonology and auditory memory is necessary before semantic comprehension is possible. Each child needs auditory memory prior to working on comprehension, vocabulary and semantics. ath can be done after NMI is started as we need to build an understanding of how to visualize and also a base language for visualizing.

How many students are currently enrolled in etutoring vs. in facility?

We currently have over 30 students enrolled doing over 120 hours/week in NOW! eTutoring, with that number quickly growing. Each student sees a tutor one-to-one for a minimum of one session per day. We are only able to see between 5-7 clients at each of our clinics due to size of our facilities and staff. However, the facility treats clients for 4-6 sessions/day. The Morris Center facility opened in 1986 and has helped over 1,000 children AND adults since then. That number is growing rapidly with the online etutoring option now available.

What is the success rate of students?

To date, every single student or client has made phonological gains. Please follow this link to read about the research that we have done in this area: Our Research.

How long did it take to see results?

The length of time varies with each student, but some parents have commented that their child is wanting to read and is reading at a higher level within 4-6 weeks.

Should we expect to have the same tutor?

Barring illness, vacation, or schedule change, the same tutor will most likely be available. There may be different tutors between subject areas.

What are the expected outcomes once the student completes the program?

As our research has shown and parents have shared, most of our students return to main stream classrooms and are able to leave the special education classrooms, which have a very low success rate-5% nationwide.

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