1. Guarantor’s Responsibility: I understand that all charges are my responsibility and shall remain my responsibility until paid in full. I understand that this agreement is between (the user) and the NOW! company and that the NOW! company will not be expected to seek payment from a third party.
  2. Payment Terms: Payments are made a month in advance to reserve the eTutoring appointments with the NOW! companys professionally trained staff. This means that all NOW! clients are purchasing 20 appointments at a time. Payments for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… months of continued services are due no less than 72 hours (3-days) prior to the next month’s services; For example, payment is due before the close of business (5 pm EST) on a Thursday, for the next month’s appointments that begin on the following Monday.
  3. Late Payment or Funds Not Received: If a monthly payment is not received by close of business 72 hours prior to the next month’s appointments, then all scheduled eTutoring appointments will be cancelled and may be given to another client. If a check is returned by the bank for any reason, then this will be considered non-payment and all scheduled eTutoring appointments will be cancelled accordingly.
    • I understand that I will be charged for any banking fees that occur due to a returned check.
  4. Approved Cancellation of Appointments:
    • Appointments that are cancelled a month in advance will be prorated 100% and that month’s invoice will be reduced for the approved cancelled appointments.
    a. For example, if the NOW! company is notified by email and the email’s receipt is confirmed by NOW! company’s staff, then planned vacations or extended absences will not be charged.
    b. Requests for approved absences must be emailed to billing@NOWprograms.com
    • Missed appointments due to a documented illness or a documented emergency (documented by sending an email notice ASAP to billing@NOWprograms.com) will be prorated 50% of the full appointment’s fee to the next month’s purchased appointments. For example, if one appointment is missed due to a documented illness, then the next month’s invoice will be reduced by 50% of the full amount charged for each appointment.
  5. Unapproved Cancellations or Missed Appointments:
    • I understand that should I have an appointment scheduled and fail to have my child present or the client present, then I will be charged the full cost of the scheduled appointment. The fee for this session will NOT be prorated to the next month’s invoice for appointments.
  6. Late Arrival for an Appointment: Should I arrive late for an eTutoring appointment, then I understand that the full eTutoring appointment fee will be charged. Also, the eTutoring appointment will only be provided for the remaining time of the regularly scheduled appointment. e.g. if a appointment begins 20 minutes late, then only 30 minutes of eTutoring will be provided for that appointment.
  7. HOLIDAYS: NOW! company is closed for the following holidays:
    • Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, December 25th
    • If you wish to cancel appointments for other holidays, then follow the policy above “Approved Cancellations of Appointments”
  8. Duration of Financial Agreement: I understand this financial agreement will be in effect throughout the duration of the time in which I or my child are receiving services from the NOW! company.
  9. Authority: I am authorized to sign this form and a copy is as valid as the original.
  10. Collections: I agree to pay for all costs of collecting any account balance due, including but not limited to court costs, collection agency fees, and/or attorney fees. I understand that confirming through the NOW! company's website checkbox that I have read, understood and consent to all line items listed above.

Updated: 5/2015