What our Training Includes

Training provided by NOW! Company simulates the same effective method of intervention used by clinicians and trained staff currently providing services. The neuro-developmental model is explained and the hierarchy laid out so trainees understand not only what to do, but why it is done. NOW! wants to set up all trainees for success, which means hands-on activities are provided day one. Flexible models of training are given, depending on the need. A prevention model (21 hours min) and an intervention model(35 hours min) are offered. Your training package will include:

  • Exploration of Neuroanatomical and Neuropsychological models of brain function for speech, language, phonological awareness, reading, spelling and auditory working memory.
  • Explicit study of oral motor awareness relevant for the production and perception of phonemes.
  • Hands-on instruction on how to implement the program; Intensive experience teaching phonological awareness and its application to reading, spelling, and speech.
  • Materials included for ALL necessary tasks & access to electronic resources
  • On-site support / follow-up encouraged by the company & available in multiple formats including electronic access to support videos and FAQ
  • Scope & Sequence provided<. True hierarchical instruction is given to be better informed & make better decisions regarding intervention, as recommended by I.D.A. & the F.C.R.R.
  • Specialized Guidance provided on how to integrate within current curriculum
  • Kits and manuals for quick-reference
  • Access to additional training videos and activity demonstrations
  • Digital resources for classroom or tutor implementation

Providing The Program in Schools

If the cost of eTutoring is too high, then there is another solution. Take the NOW! methods to your schools - let the strength of these programs reach every student, not just one.

Are you a parent, educator, or speech-language pathologist? We also offer powerful training sessions that will give you the skills to teach the NOW! programs. We’ll also provide support (upon request), as well as access to our extensive online resources.

How can NOW! help your students?

Neuro-development of Words – NOW!® and the team of professionals offer training courses for teachers, speech-language pathologists, other professionals and paraprofessionals. These courses help these professionals learn to use truly research-based programs to either prevent learning difficulties (4 and 5 year-olds), remediate learning difficulties (children in ESE or special needs placements) or enrich language and learning skills (for children of all ages to improve their core phonological, reading and spelling skills that are essential for good achievement in ALL content classes).

Uniquely, these teacher/professional development training courses offer state-of-the-art insight to the neurology and neuropsychology of the brain, e.g. "how does the brain learn to read?" and "why does it learn in those ways?" and, most importantly, "what can I do to help most all of my students efficiently and effectively learn?" When teachers fully understand how the brain works for learning, how to maximize the scientific principles of neural plasticity that can help teachers and other professionals improve a child/client's learning abilities and functional skills, and how to accurately determine children’s learning strengths and weaknesses, then they can more effectively implement research-based programs that will make students of all ages improve their weaker skills and develop stronger functional abilities in a classroom, at home and in an occupation.

But teacher awareness is only half of the challenge, classroom implementation is also key. We provide resources and tools to help teachers of all grades and experiences implement NOW! Programs into their classroom setting. Our resources allow you to:

  • Review lessons and concepts via video or presentation
  • Use games and activities in small group, one-on-one or classroom setting
  • Compile and use word lists
  • Get answers to questions from our experienced and knowledgeable staff about hows/whens/whys of lesson planning

Not only does NOW! believe in the programs that it provides, but NOW! also wants to have the best support systems in place to guarantee the success of you and your students. Once teachers have completed training, NOW! continues to support and develop them to ensure that they are using the programs the right way — the most successful way. Through our continuing education and ongoing certification process, you can be sure that a NOW!–certified educator can work to the same high standards as those offered by the NOW! company staff themselves.

How can I get NOW! programs into my school?

Talk to the school and refer teachers and administrators to our video testimonials. Talk to other families. Do other children in your community face the same difficulties that you do? Get people to see that there is something that can be done, especially if current RTI programs are not meeting the needs of your children.

Get your teachers to contact us — our programs are perfect for Speech-Language Pathologists, ESE teachers, pre-K or elementary, professionals or tutors. They can register and pay for training online.