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Have you thanked an Occupational Therapist today?

This month is national Occupational Therapist (OT) Appreciation Month. Occupational Therapists can provide a wide variety of functional services for children and adults. Whether improving visual tracking to increase reading, improving bilateral coordination to improve balance or fine motor skills to improve handwriting, an occupational therapist can help you gain independence in your life.

The NOW! Corporation would like to thank three special Occupational Therapists that work at The Morris Center – Stephanie Swain, Diana Croom-Atkins and Shannon Arola. Their collaboration with staff at The Morris Center has complimented the NOW! Programs very nicely and helped increase already significant gains.

Not only are these OTs incredibly skilled and diverse in talents, but they do great work with children and adults alike. They are an invaluable part of a transdisciplinary clinic and The Morris Center is grateful to have them on staff.

Thank you for all you do!