Where to get to NOW! Programs

NOW! Programs are offered not only in transdisciplinary clinics (like the Morris Center) and in schools trained by NOW! professionals, but also in the comfort of your own home. eTutoring services are now available to bring the research-based programs to you. NOW! eTutoring allows students and families to get the support and services they need at their convenience and still allow students to participate in their social activities and other obligations.

Teachers and educators can work one-on-one or in small groups to provide programs to your students according to their schedules. Whether you want to offer your student services in the morning before school, as part of their language arts curriculum in the afternoons or after their regular school day, NOW! Programs can be accessed via computer or tablet device.

How to get to NOW! Programs

At NOW! we offer interactive online tutoring for individuals struggling with dyslexia and learning difficulties. One-on-one eTutoring sessions are just $75 per session. Rates for small groups of 2 to 3 are just $50 per session. Compare our rates to standard academic tutoring services that don’t even address learning disabilities.

eTutoring Requirements

  • Improves reading
  • Improves auditory working memory
  • Improves phonetic spelling
  • For ages 7+ years
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves comprehension and reasoning
  • Improves spoken language
  • Improves memory
  • For all ages
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves writing of sentences
  • Improves writing paragraphs and essays
  • Improves speaking
  • For ages 8+ years
As low as $40 per session
  • Improves mental math and operations
  • Improves concepts
  • Improves applied thinking
  • For ages 8+ years
As low as $40 per session